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Praise the name of the Lord God Almighty. It’s a wonderful Wednesday morning, to the Almighty God be the praise excellent and amazing things Almighty God keeps doing in our lives, a very good morning to you, it is the day the Lord God has made better than yesterday. God Almighty has equip this day with alot of goodness, yes His mercy have been released upon us today, He’s grace is at work in our lives today. Now, I don’t know where you are, I don’t know whether you are in the morning already? Or whether you are in the afternoon? Whatever part of the world you are at the moment the spirit of God that has made you to be in that environment this time may He stir that environment to favour you, may He stir that environment to be a blessing to you. Whatever part of the world you are, Jesus is Lord in that place and because he is Lord, that which he intends to do would definitely be done to the praise and to the glory of his name in the name of the Lord Jesus, amen.

Good morning. Let’s take the morning dose of our DDC (Divine daily capsule). The Holy Spirit has been telling us something about “Waiting upon God in the face of whatever we go through”. Learn to wait upon the Lord, you must understand something child of God, your life is in the hands of Almighty God. Even in the face of your mistakes, whatever errors you think you’ve done and the enemy is using guilt to hold, you know guilt has a way of causing you to drift right into the territory of the enemy, yes that’s part of the reason why the enemy flocks your conscience so that you can live in guilt and then the enemy pushes you into the territory of where he can get hold of you. But the bible tells us something that we have been purchased, we have been bought by the blood of Jesus and we’re begotten by the Word of God. Listen Child of God you are his child and no matter what it is, you are his child, you have the right to always come back to your father, you have a right to always come back home like the prodigal son. You can always come back no matter what it is, you can come back and tell him Father, I’m sorry but I’m back home. He’ll take you, He’ll wash you clean again, and then He’ll perfect that which concerns you, don’t let the devil hold you down in any form, don’t let him because the devil, the Bible calls him the accuser of the brethren, so don’t let him hold you down alright? praise Jesus, but whatever it is in the face of whatever pressure you go through, hold your integrity, yes God is able to provide for you without you having to break a bank, God can provide for you without you having to compromise your fate, God Almighty the panto crato the Lord Jesus has capacity to make things well for you, you don’t have to destroy your tenets. But all you need do is to believe, continue to believe God in the face of contradicting circumstances. Believe God regarding your having babies or even getting married. You know, these are the things that actually bother a lot of people, I want to get married or my marriage is not working or I need to get a baby and then finances. You know, these are the basic things that bother people, that make people to cut corners and compromise, get into all kinds of occultic practices, fame. These are the things political strength and all that. But the Bible tells us that, power belongeth to God. It is God that gives people fame, it is God that gives people fame. He told Abraham I will make your name great. Did he not do it? till today we still calling on the name of Abraham You see that? He fulfilled His word. And power belongs to Him, He said I will bring one down, i will enthrown kings, He does that. They’re talking about money, He’s the one who said in

(Deuteronomy 8:18) He said;
“it is Me that giveth you power to get well”.

These things are in the hand of God, but you see human being, we are in a hurry, we are competitive, we are looking at other people. Let’s see what the word of God says for this morning.

Ephesians 3:20 ;
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

Whoa, do you believe the Bible? Are you sure you do? Now the Bible describes that God is able to do exceeding abundantly. God can exceed what you can think, God can exceed what you can imagine, not only can He exceed it, He exceeds it to tell you, I can do it for you, all you need do is wait. Now let me read this to you and I in the message translation. Now look at what the message translation says here, it says;

“God can do anything you know, far more than you can ever imagine, or guess or request in your wildest dreams. He does it not by pushing us around, but by working within us, his spirit deeply and gently within us”.

this is so comforting and powerful. Now he tells you that you do not need to get yourself into vices because you need money. You don’t need to destroy your conventions, your faith, because you need fame, God is able to do it, all He needs you and I to do is that focus. Now the Bible spoke to us last night. It says trust in the Lord with all your heart, regarding whatever you want. You say Pastor you don’t understand i’m under pressure, Pastor you don’t understand I have deadlines, Pastor you don’t understand loneliness is eating me up, boredom i’m dying of boredom, you know Pastor, I really do not know how my life is going. Hey praise God Almighty, just begin to praise Him, your joy should not rest on cigarette, your happiness should not rest on clubbing, your prosperity should not rest on demonic activities. Let God show in your life that He is God, let him be your reason for being high, let God be what intoxicates you, who intoxicates you, let praising God and worshipping God, let Him be what carries you to divisions, it is possible, oh yes, It is possible, my brother, my sister, young man, young woman it is possible amen.


Father thank you for your word. You are able to do exceeding abundantly above what we ask or think, fulfill this scripture in our lives in the name of Jesus amen. May i speak over your day, your day is blessed Almighty God be with you as you go about this day, whatever the devil has said in motion against you is cancelled, It will not come to pass, it will not stand, this day must to do you good.

You are forever a champion
You have broken through
and you are succeeding
You have speed
You have excellence with grace and glory You are soaring on Eagles wings
And as long as God is God,
nobody can change your destiny.
I love you very much, let God Almighty bless you.
Enjoy a wonderful, wonderful day
‘Archon Lutrotes’
it means (we command, we rule, we liberat others)
keep praying, It works result do come.
Have a very good day, I love.

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