By Apostle GodsPower Udjor phD

Praise the name of the Lord God Almighty. It’s a beautiful morning Monday morning, to the Almighty God be the praise, amazing, amazing, wonderful things our father and our God keeps doing in our lives, a very good morning to you. Now this is the day the Lord has made, you and I will rejoice and be glad in it. I speak life into this day for you and for myself and in the name of Jesus, the rising of the sun, the setting of the same, the directions of the wind, whatever way the weather chooses to flow today, it will bring you good, it will bring me good in the name of the Lord Jesus. That which the enemy have said in motion against us is cancelled! It will not come to pass, it will not stand, our legs would take us to the right place, where ever we walk into that the enemy has planned evil because we got there, that evil is suspended or cancelled in the name of Jesus, God will lead you all right today, the Almighty God will be with you as your shadow goes with you wherever you go, so the Almighty God go with you wherever you go, even when you are in a place where you can’t see your shadow, God is still there, very much there to the glory of His name, let your day be filled with anticipation, trusting God for great things to happen. Believe God, this could be that week that could change your whole life in the name of Jesus, amen.
Remember, God begun to talk to us yesterday in our DDC to make sure you retain your integrity. We live in a world where there are so many aberrations, there are so many pressure, there is pressure to compromise, it comes every day, in the office, even on the streets, in the marketplace, there is pressure all the time to compromise. Somebody knows a short way to the breakthrough that you desire, but the conditions of that short way to the breakthrough you and I know that those conditions are not of God. They are demanding your soul, they are demanding that your integrity be broken but child of God make up your mind to rather be with God in the middle of the sea than to be with the devil on top of the mountain. Make up your mind regardless of what you go through, tell yourself yes, it looks hard, it looks difficult, it looks like things are not the way they ought to be for me, finances are are difficult for me, my emotional life is not as stable as it should be, there will be all kinds of stuff but tell yourself, regardless of what it is, I won’t let my fate to be compromised, I would rather hold God and be hungry or than to be with the devil and have a party, I would rather hold God, I would rather wait on that which God wants to do. Look at what the Bible tells us here in the book of Job, we’re looking at Job’s life Wow!, I really don’t want to spend too much time on job’s, life I tell you, looking at a Job’s life, well the say to read for you and I this morning, one of the most popular is

Job 19:25
“For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that He shall stand in the latter day upon the Earth.”

He says, ‘I know’ now that’s a strong word, it’s a very assertive word. It says I know, I’m not guessing this is not conjuncture, I know yes, my body is rottening away, yes I feel like a stranger to my own people, nobody wants to accommodate me anymore, my whole life is filled with pain yet i know. But there are things that you see in the life of Job, he had wishes, he had fears, we saw that some time ago that Job’s fears was one of the reasons why he opened certain avenues, portals were opened for what happened to him to happen to him. He feared greatly, but he had another wish in

Job 19:23, he says,
“oh that my words were now written, oh that they were painted in a book”

Now, Job had no idea that all what he was experiencing was ever going to be written, people are going to look at his life thousands of years after, people were going to study his life. But he said, “oh that man works were written, oh that they were painted in a book”. What does that tell you? Everything we go through in life, is designed to be a lesson for somebody else. If we end properly, if we end badly, whatever way we go, it will become a lesson to somebody. Whether it is written on a printer page or it becomes the story in the mouth of somebody, my prayer for you and myself is that at the end of life, your life will be an encouragement to somebody, you will be someone who fought and won, someone who fought and conquered. Many years ago, Nelson Mandela of South Africa was asked certain question. You know, what would you want to be remembered for, your freedom fight over your great success? You know what he said among the many quotes, what he said;

“I don’t want to be remembered, by my successes as you define it, he said I want to be remembered about of how many times I fell and I stood up again, how many times I fell and i got up again, still maintaining my integrity, still holding on to my belief, how many times I almost gave up, but I stood up”

Child of God this week there will be things that are going to ask, that are going to call for your test, call for test of your integrity in your office, in your house. There’ll be things that will want to make you shout, want to make you angry, make you quarrel, keep malice, win over them. This week can come with a lot of tests, but if you pass this test your life is gonna soil, you’re going to come into a place and you’ll just walk into an opening of sudden breakthrough, sudden success, but you must pass the test. There are tests coming don’t worry it won’t take your life. Satan does not want to take your life, that is not Satan’s greatest desire, satan knows if he takes your life right now, you will go to heaven, he will rather want you to backslide first, he’ll rather want you to fail in your commitment to God first. So he’s going to dangle sweet things, he’s going to dangle things that will make you compromise your fate, but trust God for a mighty change that only him can give. I don’t know who this is for, but it’s for you and it’s for me, amen.


Thank you Father for your word, your word is life, and your word is power, you are preparing us the mighty test that is coming and then we are getting the victory and we are walking right into destiny, thank you father in Jesus name amen, may I speak over your day, your day is blessed Almighty God be with you as you go about this day, whatever the devil has said in motion against you is cancelled, It will not come to pass, it will not stand, this day has to do you good.

You are forever a champion
You have broken through
and you are succeeding
You have speed
You have excellence with grace and glory You are soaring on Eagles wings
And as long as God is God,
nobody can change your destiny.
I love you very much, let God Almighty bless you.
Enjoy a wonderful, wonderful day
‘Archon Lutrotes’
it means (we command, we rule, we liberate others)
keep praying, It works result do come.
Have a very good day, I love.

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